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    Sofa cleaning Cannock - Stafford - Lichfield

    Upholstery Cleaning – professional upholstery cleaning by Crown Floor and Fabric Care will inject a new lease of life into your expensive furniture often saving you many thousands of pounds against the cost of replacement.

    Any suite throughout it's life will harbour dry soil, physical soiling and stains.  By removing all these elements,  we restore the colour and softness as well as helping to sanitise and thoroughly deep clean the fabric.

  • As well as deep cleaning upholstery, the visual results can be stunning. Many of our clients with pets and children can attest to how effective our advanced stain removal process is, commonly tackling stains such as -

    • Grease
    • Pet accidents
    • Blood
    • Tea & Coffee
    • Wine
    • Smoke damage

    As well as countless more. 

    Our fully trained and insured technicians are experienced in a range of diverse carpet and upholstery cleaning techniques.

    Carpet & Upholstery cleaning - Cannock - Stafford - Lichfield
    Carpet & Upholstery cleaning - Cannock - Stafford - Lichfield
  • Wool safe carpet & upholstery cleaners Lichfield - Cannock - Stafford

    Our upholstery cleaning processes are completely safe for - Pets - Babies & the solutions we use are wool safe approved!

  • Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning - Cannock - Stafford - Lichfield​

  • Non-toxic and Eco freindly solutions are used in our upholstery cleaning process!