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  • Professional Carpet Cleaning

  • Carpet cleaner Stafford Lichfield Cannock
    Carpet cleaning Stafford Lichfield Cannock
    Professional Carpet cleaner Stafford Lichfield Cannock
  • Cannock Carpet Cleaning - Cannock - Stafford - Lichfield
    Crown Floor and Fabric care - Crownffc - Carpet and upholstery Cleaning. Professional. NCCA.

    Carpet Cleaning – regular vacuuming is essential but professional carpet cleaning from Crown Floor and Fabric Care will ensure that your carpets not only look better but will also prolong their life actually saving you money in the long term. Your carpets will dry quickly and unlike shampoo systems there will be no sticky residue left behind to cause rapid re-soiling.

    The rapidly drying nature of our carpet cleaning process is a must for many of our clients. We aim to carry out our work with as little disruption to your daily lives as possible.

  • As well as being totally safe, non-toxic and ecofriendly the premium solutions we use are at the cutting edge of the carpet cleaning industry.

    Using advanced microsplitting technology, the results they deliver can be astounding. The proof is in the pudding as they say, just look at some of the genuine before and after photographs on this site and on our Facebook page.

    Stafford Carpet & Upholstery cleaners - Cannock - Lichfield
    Carpet cleaners - Cannock
  • Wool safe carpet & upholstery cleaners Lichfield - Cannock - Stafford

    Our carpet cleaning processes are completely safe for - Pets - Babies & the solutions we use are wool safe approved!

  • Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning - Cannock - Stafford - Lichfield

  • Safe, non-toxic and eco freindly solutions are used in our carpet cleaning process!